Monday, February 05, 2007

Game developer shoots down new OS

As Vista was grandly introduces to the world, computer game publisher WildTangent accused Microsoft's new operating system of ruining many common computer games. The US firm WildTangent alleged that the world's largest software maker "has gone overboard" by making Vista so secure it blocks or disable play.

Vista"breaks" games from Microsoft's online MSN service as well as from game website operated by Yahoo!, America Online, and RealArcade, according to WildTangent chieft executive Alex St John.

The operating system's parental controls that enable adults to restrict what children access with computers also blocks downloads of family-friendly games not rated by the Electronic Software Ratings Board, he alleged.

WildTangent said it spent s year crafting game console software that was compatible with Vista. The "Vista Ready Console" is available for free download at Microsoft did not respond to a request fot comment on Monday. AFP

Source: TSN